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Poetic Eating

Let’s face it, we like to eat for fun!

We also hunger when work is done.

We like foods that always satisfy.

When boredom sets in, it’s used to pacify.

Must we always eat full to the brim,

And neglect our body’s natural trim?

Bad habits settle in when eating too late,

And we love that bite, so why hesitate?

People’s fat shows up on their face,

But always bow to say thanks in grace.

You don’t have to eat a whole lot of beef,

Let Earthly foods pass through your teeth.

Wisdom must apply to whatever we eat.

Eat regular meals, but cut down on sweets.

Keeping fit can be a challenge to all,

Perhaps there’s fun exercising with balls.

Eat what’s moderate with healthy nutrition,

Then excess fat will succumb through attrition.

God help us to become educationally sound,

While patiently losing those extra pounds.

Darrel Venable