Welcome to discovering Divinity in Poetry. An easy way to grasp the simplistic rhythm and rhyme of poems that will enlighten and direct your soul to God of the Bible. Enjoy!



The Wounded Fox

A wounded woman has shattered dreams,

 broken down walls, and benighted hopes.

She grieves like unveiling a peeled onion,

as she cries tears in wallowing sorrows.

She’s a fox running tirelessly from

hounds of oppression and dauntless fears.

She hides trying to escape the horrendous

 sounds of barking memories.

She relentlessly fights, but succumbs

to black and bleeding wounds.

Who will save her from struggling

 times of limping limbs?

A Succoring Savior lives

yonder over the hills of Zion.

He alone knows all about

 her helpless estate.

He hears loudest cries

of scattered Saints.

One who mends

 the broken hearts.

He peaceably speaks to her soul.

He gives her rest and ease.

He loves unconditionally.

He is meek and lowly.

He is our Messiah.


Darrel Venable