Welcome to discovering Divinity in Poetry. An easy way to grasp the simplistic rhythm and rhyme of poems that will enlighten and direct your soul to God of the Bible. Enjoy!



A Blessed Nation

Generations change thru fickle ways,

But written documents hardly sways.

Jesus fulfilled The Mosaic Law in His day–

By a bloody sacrifice His Body did pay.

Mans inherited Adam’s sinful nature,

Jesus can change their eternal future.

He ended sins death, defeated by love,

Freedom of tyranny is now from above.

Nations will decline, as we all may know.

Some are conquered by their distant foe.

Their men disappear like foggy air,

And women drown deep into despair.

God’s Word never changes nor ever fades.

It permeates the World throughout the ages.

Blessed is the Nation who trusts in God,

Lifting up praises—singing Hosanna’s loud.

Slipping into eternity many shall fall—

Few are saved:  will you honor God’s call?

Darrel Venable