Welcome to discovering Divinity in Poetry. An easy way to grasp the simplistic rhythm and rhyme of poems that will enlighten and direct your soul to God of the Bible. Enjoy!


The Glowing Son

The glowing Sun grows the tall green grass,

 Drops down sweat upon the working brow.

It burns fearful forests, but brightens blue skies.

It caresses children frolicking in verdant fields.

Yet is respected by its ultraviolet rays that

Blinds staring eyes.  It gives Seasons in years,

And hours in days, while birds chirp at sunrise.

He who made the Sun made Hell without light.

While the Morning Star shines forever, it awakens

 Sinful souls benighted by worldly woes.  Give

God glory, like lilies dancing in Spring’s Sunrays.

The Sun dawns upon the horizons, as it

Hovers over mankind and living creatures, to

Give them strength by its persistent poise.

But the Sun will cease to give her light.

No more will the Sun scorch the skin.

God’s Son will lighten every saved soul,

And a new Heaven and new Earth will

Allow new bodies to worship God freely.

As God’s Son shines His Magnificent Light.

Darrel Venable