Welcome to discovering Divinity in Poetry. An easy way to grasp the simplistic rhythm and rhyme of poems that will enlighten and direct your soul to God of the Bible. Enjoy!


I Wish


Wishing I was forever loving you,

to hold you close to my chest, and

hearken to the cries your teary eyes,

or touch your tiny toes or teach you

things that God has revealed to me,

Or guide you thru like a straight arrow,

just as Christ disciple’s grew in wisdom,

and grace.  Or hear your voice say, Daddy,

again and again.  What joy floods my soul to

see you smile, and laugh contently as a child.

Just as the Autumn winds blows gently softly

 across your face caressing thy blushing cheeks.

Or tease playfully to my only beloved child,

Or give a soft tender pat on the back or

sway your body to hush those weeping cries,

Baby, I long to cuddle you in my arms.

But until our threshold into eternity–

I wait to acknowledge your presence,

like a splash of water in the morning wake.

 Praying peace will calmly surrounds you as

you dance around His Throne while clapping

your hands like the lilies praise their Maker’s

Hands, who made us for the glory of our King.


Darrel Venable