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Smiling Faces

Smile shows you’re friendly, like smelling fragrances’ potpourri.

Smiling is easier than frowning, regardless whether clowning.

Children recognize happy smiles, so let it remain a while.

Give a smile as a pick-me-up, not a shameful stick up.

Smiling is important to the soul, for the fearful and the bold.

It will give you a different outlook, like reading a funny book.

Smile, for God smiles at you; He heals to comfort your blues.

You smile when you’re sexy, but much less when you’re feisty,

Smile to change your character, unlike a furious reactor.

Smiles create warm atmospheres, makes mothers cry in tears.

Smiles make you less mean, as darkness waits for sunny beams.

Lend a smile and receive one back, this helps with love you lack.

Smile to show you’re thankful, and refuse to be revengeful.

Smile to brighten your face, and live by God’s Holy Grace.

Smile because God created all things, even for the wedding rings.

Keep smiling for the Lord loves a cheerful giver, not a selfish liver.

Stress is reduced when we smile, to eliminate cortisol for awhile.

Don’t hang around an angry man; they don’t smile like a close friend.

Smiling people should never abuse, as Hitler did among the Jews.

So put on a smile, and let your face shine a different style.


Darrel Venable


Divinity in Poetry

In the End

I’m trying to make that

Trusting connection.

Looking to cross that bridge’s

Open communication.

My soul patiently waits for

Her anonymous Invitation.

But fear invades my heart. So

I shrink back to familiar territory.

Why risk the possibility

Of utter rejection?

I’m not a ball played by

Women’s sexual gratification.

Who is safe, am I safe from

Avoiding a bleeding heart.

I’m wary of callous hearts that

Leaves one battered and beleaguered.

Life’s point is to always love

And be loved, and then die?

Is there an calculated cost

Or unbearable risks?

Come one, come all, and

Let’s dance till we all fall.

Then What? When death rules,

Then fall short on judgment Day.

Life brings sorrows and joys,

Peace and war, defeat and victories.

Will love triumph, or will humans be

Swallowed up in deaths’ cold waves.

My present plight is to enjoy God,

Shun the evil, and love the good.

Looking for that Heavenly symphony,

To dine and sing with divine company.

Darrel Venable

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