Poem Post

In Season


As I get older and weary—soul seeking wanes.

I don’t look for fame, or an honorable name,

Just simply concerned for the lost and dying.

I feel like a bird migrating early in Autumn,

Waiting for trees to bud in sunny Spring.

The waves wash-up the Ocean’s dead,

I too must return from dust to dust,

And give account for my Earthly life.

So I leave this message in final plight.

Awake! and believe God’s Son Jesus Christ,

And walk by faith in Heaven’s gospel light.

Life can be sweet or bitter, but we’re all

Doomed as sinners. Come to Jesus’ Crimson

Tide, and trust him fully like sucking milk,

And drink His blood freely to live gracefully.

It’s the season to be holy, and abhor our folly.

There’s a future for you in the resurrection too.

By following the Way, leads to His Glorious Day!

Darrel Venable