Poem Post

One Man’s Faith

I felt uncertain attending church,

So I queried to know its doctrinal faith.

I struggled to fight my fleshly fun, yet

I loved his truths as ducks love ponds.

He changed my habits to things sublime,

And encouraged my growth in little time.

He helps me learn to love the lost,

By sharing the gospel to all in need:

So I rehearsed it, to plant more seeds.

He enforces discipline to rid the leaven.

I love his spirit, and respect his position.

His faithfulness is like the morning dew–

As I sit in the pew to hear good news.

He studies the Bible in every Season,

Not for man’s petite impressions, but

To pass the Faith created in Heaven.

Read his epistle placed in his heart,

While you glean, you may never depart.

Darrel Venable