Stars in the Night

Look, the stars are sparkling at midnight!

Like Christmas lit cottages beaming so bright.

We see them at twilight, even as movie-stars

Shine their luster of lusts—dark in the night.

Watch their programs numbered by channels,

Can you count the screens flickering all night?

Rehearsals are perfected for sneaky innuendoes;

Their cunning commercials are sly as snakes.

They pierce weak minds, to respond to their bite,

While reaping havoc over victimless viewers,

poisoned by stars on porn watching sights. they

Defile pure eyes, by grasping the channels

With fun and delight.  Unwary what’s

Next,  Satan addicts their hearts for a fix.

So flee from the T.V., and run to the Bible

Where souls are safe from this worldly device,

And glean sweet truths as a pearl of great price.

Darrel Venable