The Right Answer

Are you on a trail to hell,

Or the road to your heavenly abode?

Do you serve the risen King,

in Summer, Winter, Fall, or Spring?

Do you love the Holy Bible or

Or consider it as unreliable?

Are you loving your fellow man,

by offering him a helping hand?

Have you trusted the Son of God,

who’s rose again from under sod?

It’s time to answer His Call,

to rebound from Adam’s fall.

Are you right with God relationally,

with the One who loves unconditionally?

Ask yourself another question,

is there peace in your soul’s decision?

How will you pass life’s test,

after your body is laid to rest?

Who else has promised life eternal,

save the Baby in Mary’s cradle?

Your decision must answer to Jesus,

Who’s appointed the Judge over all of us.

Darrel Venable