Midnight Life

Lovers in the night, talk

With smooth silky tongues,

As they relish in midnight fun.

Hoping that drunken parties

Will fill their empty wells, as

The Rich Man warned to tell.

They wiggle Earthly bodies

With eyes of twilight glee,

To capture naked booty,

For a small nominal fee.

As lights are dim, with

Brew below the rim, A

Scorpion stings its venom,

And wastes another victim.

Yet they seek it yet again,

For another evening thrill.

Filled with waiter’s cocktails,

they reveal their secret tales.

The simple seem no harm.

By the Devil’s evil charms.

Will they ever abstain, burned

With passions that profane?

When souls wake again,

The sinners never cease, as

Satan spins their dizzy heads–

Held captive without peace.

Darrel Venable