The Pricey Waiter

Sin soaked societies have many wandering souls.

A Waiter waits for sinners, both the fearing and the bold.

The Waiter expects the wicked and hell’s prideful fallen.

No matter if that persons clean, or forever very sullen.

Our journey’s end will come — maybe soon than later.

A fiery Hell is where the Waiter draws his wages.

But many rooms are filled in heaven’s restful cottage.

No need to carry luggage or pay a costly mortgage.

Robes will accommodate the Solemn Saints expecting.

But hell tortures souls, who may be unsuspecting.

Harps and chimes will play, as we enter New Jerusalem.

But shrilling sounds of hell are souls in awful bedlam.

God provides a place of rest in total peace and bliss.

But unbelieving sinners will risk His Holy Iron Fist.

There are pending repercussions for sinner’s dirty hearts.

God knows your every thought, before it even starts.

Hell is only avoided by accepting the hallowed Christ.

He paid the sinners price by His wounded sacrifice.

Like in Hotel California, hell-bound sinners never depart.

Enter God’s Courts with praise, and leave this world apart.

This world has vain philosophy, and Satan’s evil devices.

Learn to live in purity — clothed in Christ the Righteous.

Hell’s misery is real, and sufferers go there ashamedly.

Make your choice today to live in Heaven assuredly.

Darrel Venable