Morning Joy

Our prayers rise

Night and day: over

Fleshly thorns in

Every way.  But

God mends our

Moods, and gives

Us daily foods.

Our Future hopes

Rest beyond the blue,

But pains of life

May sometimes

Accrue. Come

What may, there’s

Another day to

humble and pray.

For God knows our

Every care, and covers

Every sin we bare. He

Alone renews our

Soul’s affairs.  So wait

Till morning comes,

For He who holds

You, holds the Sun.

Darrel Venable

Divinity in Poetry



I’ve learned to sift the Bad from Good.

We’re better off righteous than lewd.

I truly believe life is a challenge,

And God has our lives pre-arranged.

I’ve realized faith is a possible choice,

It’s Christ who hears my humble voice.

When my heart centers on things above,

Worldliness becomes the lesser loved.

Wisdom can discern what we should respect;

Christ honors wisdom without moral defect.

Focus your thoughts on the Word of God,

And the lesser gods will diminish as frauds.

Darrel Venable

Darrel's Poetry Blog


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