Our Faithful Father

We know you as a Father of three,

We’re so grateful to honor thee.

Thanks for quality time we spent,

We valued every dollar and cent.

Your love showed you deeply cared,

Keeping your pedigree safely reared.

While showing us the sporting ropes,

You stood strong against dirty dope.

Our peaceful home was neatly furnished,

You kept it clean, and kindly cherished.

With sunny smiles and bantering jokes,

You taught us grace with friendly folks.

We’re glad you never complained about us;

Your spirit of love is worthy of trust.

We thank you Father for all you do.

God’s richest blessings rest upon you.

 Darrel Venable

Divinity in Poetry

Why This Poet Writes


I write because I believe it’s fitting

For someone might hear and start repenting

I write because I have a very short time

Not because my poems may rhyme

I write for the future, and also for the dead

After the grave, then what will be said?

I write for the Christians, in hope of the Gospels

For all that are troubled, whom Satan has hassled

I write for I know, there’s a more serious cause

So these poems like Jesus will be without flaws

I write for the people of every color

Someone needs to give them a holler

Lastly, I write for someone’s aching heart

To give hope in Jesus, and begin a new start

Darrel Venable

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