Ever So Humble

Here’s an invitation to salvation,

The Saint’s tested thru tribulation.

Jesus endured the bloody cross,

He then became our risen boss

Because of His great love

We can reach heaven above.

Jesus, you’re always willing,

That we repent from sinning.

We know You became the Man;

That’s far superior to any human.

You won’t let sinners fall,

Your blood covers them all.

Heaven is patiently waiting,

So we humbly bow in praying:

Father we admit we’ve misbehaved,

Our bad deeds precede our grave.

As we believe in your resurrection,

We now honor you in subjection.

We believe you shed your blood,

Like a hen covers her brood.

Fill us with your Holy Spirit, so

Our lips can sing lovely lyrics.

Thank you Jesus for dying freely

Please bless us now and eternally.

Darrel Venable

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