Divinity in Poetry

His Gain or No Gain

We love our sin, but have no joy within.

We visit the doctors to cure our ills.

But pain still lingers, with lesser thrills.

We evade the law, to avoid being victims.

When less amused, we return to boredom.

We relish in sin, but lose our freedom.

Your soul suffers from hunger pains.

Many refuse God’s riches gains.

He feeds the birds, and heals the lame.

When Jesus Christ paid our debt,

He loved our souls till His final death,

He imparts His Spirit into our breath.

Jesus’ veins dripped bloody red,

But He resurrected from the dead.

His enemy is conquered and fled.

He ascended into heaven like a feather.

He our only way to the Heavenly Father,

And His Truths will abide forever.

But if we sever from our Holy God,

Blame yourself for not heeding His Word.

There’s peace in Heaven, but never a sword.

Life is sweet as we worship His feet.

Come ye blessed, and walk the golden streets.

Enter His gate freely, and be washed complete.

Darrel Venable

Darrel's Poetry Blog


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